Freance International was established in Armenia in 2019 with the vision of becoming a worldwide leader of hotel and vacation accommodation services. Our long term cooperation with professionals of the hospitality industry creates the best business environment for you and gives every single person a chance to achieve financial and emotional freedom.


We truly believe that everyone deserves the best, so we are here to provide you with the best and simplest opportunities to reach your path. By becoming an Independent Business Owner you not only gain the chance of having financial independence but emotional freedom as well through the opportunity of travel and full relaxation at delightful hotels.

We are aware that strong and long lasting team needs perfect experiences and extensive knowledge. We provide effective training programs through our network of IBOs and also dispose skills which are primary not only in our business model but in all aspects of life.

Freance as a business model uses Direct Selling or Multilevel marketing. We are sure that as a business model it offers great opportunities and is beneficial especially for the IBO. Acquiring any of our high quality products you will have the chance to setup your own business with low-risk investments and the opportunity for high returns. Freance gives you a chance not only for direct sales but for sponsor sales as well. In addition, to all these it also has perfect bonuses and leadership incentive business plan.